Web Applications

Web Apps are an ideal way of delivering solutions which can be accessed using a range of devices via a web browser

Many clients come to us with highly individual requirements for their website. Unlike many other web development companies, Pageworks will not try to ‘squeeze’ a client’s individual needs into a standard, broad spectrum package. By listening, understanding and planning, we will develop a website or bespoke web application, that will provide the client with an individual solution – an exact match to their needs, budget and time scale.

resposnive website

Web applications benefit both companies and users. As the name suggests they are ‘web based’ so there is  no need to purchase costly multiple-user software licences, and they are cross platform friendly, working on Macs, PCs, Linux and cross browser friendly, use Internet Explorer at work and Chrome, Safari or Firefox at home - Desktop or Mobile

We develop web applications that focus on usability, each with a well thought out intuitive interface, enabling the user to complete their task easily and quickly, without the need for expensive specialised training or a required knowledge of html. By providing functions such as input validation, we can ensure the quality of collected data and improve content presentation, without any special actions by the user. After all, ‘to the user, the interface is the product.’

Examples include:

  • insurance quote engines
  • training systems
  • property sales/letting
  • web-based multi-user content management systems
  • e-commerce and product management
  • news and press release management tools
  • employment opportunities/jobs vacant advertising
  • complex user feedback or application forms
  • creating documents e.g. personalised datasheets, on the fly
  • web-based database management applications
  • dynamically generated PDFs

We would be happy to discuss any aspect of web application development with you and to explore the possibility of streamlining your own operation.