Search Engine Optimisation

Let us improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimisation.

To gain good search engine ranking, your website must take into consideration many factors. Good position relies not just on key words and meta information, but on the site structure, navigation and content. Pageworks builds in search engine optimisation from the design stage, to create a website that will be both user and search engine friendly.

It is worth remembering that the key purpose of a search engine is to provide the most relevant results to a search request submitted by a user. Therefore, a key part of site optimisation is to ensure that your website actually contains such relevant and useful information.

When developing a site we can  comment on your content with a view to maximising its search engine potential and we stay informed of the latest developments within the SEO industry and adjust our techniques and practices accordingly. Our packages include building Google site maps, installing and analysing Google Analytics, monitoring your website position or rank against key search terms, the use of friendly URLs and the use of strong meta data.

Additionally it is possible to pay for a preferential listing, and many clients find Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising works well for them, it is really a matter choosing the best application for marketing your website and it’s content, be that using traditional ‘off-line’ methods or online referrals.

We can also offer a Heatmap Reporting and SEO package to gain even further insight into user behaviour. The Heatmap will visually show high click areas on your site, whether they are links or not, thus showing what content is popular and perceived to be a link by the user. We can distinguish clicks on the site by referral source, search terms, etc. This can be a great aid to planning the content and marketing pitch of your site.