Responsive Web Design

An optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices from desktop to mobile.

Over the last few years the way people access the web has evolved with many accessing the web on any number of devices during a single day. This means that your website needs to work well in several different screen sizes and your content, which is what they visit for, needs to be presented differently to suit each of these sizes. For example, a site would display several columns when viewed on a desktop, naturally adjusting the content to a single column when viewed on a smartphone where touch scrolling is easy for the user.

resposnive website

Designing and developing a website to look good and deliver your content, no matter the device used to access it, ensures that all users get a consistent experience and adds a level of future-proofing against new devices that come to market.

However, a responsive website is not always the answer for specific mobile or on the move functionality. Some websites have an audience with very specific needs, and some websites are very targeted. It may be that only part of the website is relevant to a user on the move, the rest of the time they will be sitting at their desk. In these cases it may be better to build a mobile or screen-specific website. Of course, we can help with that too.

If you would like to know more about the benfits of responsive design, please get in touch.