Website Hosting

Pageworks are able to offer sophisticated & flexible hosting solutions based upon Xen Virtual Machines.

Your website or web app (web application) is hosted on Linux servers located within a state-of-the-art datacenter using multiple back-bone connectivity, to guarantee 99.9% uptime. By choosing a Pageworks hosting solution, you are able to take advantage of:

  • A high level of security
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Confidentiality of data
  • A high level of throughput


24x7 manned security, CCTV, proximity card access control, fingerprint reader, 24/7 manned reception, individually locked cabinets within the colo rooms, VESDA fire suppression. 22°C +- 2°C.

We only use secure protocols to access and manage our equipment.

Each server is secured with a firewall, restricting ports that will accept incoming connections to the minimum required for the running applications.

In order to gain access to our datacenters, technicians must first request access via a secure intranet prior to arrival. On arrival identification is checked and a proximity access card issued. The access card will only allow the technician to open doors to which they have access. Once access to the colocation room is granted, the individual cabinet containing the equipment must be opened either via a key or an access code. Access logs and 24/7 CCTV are also in place. All of this ensures hardware is highly secure from tampering or theft.


Our datacenter is Carrier Neutral - we do not rely on any one connectivity provider. In fact, our connectivity is supplied via 13 links from 12 independent providers. We're just 8 milliseconds away from the London Internet Exchange. Because we have such a varied range of peerings, your internet traffic will follow the best possible route to its destination, which means less "hops", better latency and thus faster load times for your web pages.

Network Features

  • 100 mbit/sec switched network connections
  • Redundant WAN connections using VRRP (Virtual Redundant Router Protocol) (See RFC3768 or Cisco for more information)
  • 44 Gbps bandwidth provided via the links listed below
  • Data-centre IP range registered in the RIPE (European IP address allocation authority) database to Pageworks UK address for optimum search engine placement

Network Connectivity

Carrier Connection Speed
AMS-IX 13Gbps
AMS-IX 20Gbps
Verizon 1Gbps
Level 3 1Gbps
Interoute 1Gbps
Teleglobe 1Gbps
AboveNet/MFN 1Gbps
Cogent 1Gbps
KPN Eurorings 1Gbps
DE-CIX (Germany) 1Gbps
NL-IX (Netherlands) 1Gbps
FreeBIX (Belgium) 1Gbps
TeliaSoneria 1Gbps


Rack mounted hardware with 40GB ECC RAM, 8 x dual-core Opteron 865, 8 x hot-swap SATA disks, 3ware 9550 RAID controller, 3+1 redundant power.

The core switches at the datacenter have DDoS/flood protection built-in, edge switches are HP Procurve, core is Juniper M20 and Cisco routing equipment.


Our Xen host servers run a minimal installation of CentOS 5 Linux with automatic daily updates enabled. These servers provide physical resources for Xen guest instances (Virtual Private Servers). Access to the physical servers is via a secure VPN connection only. The Xen virtual machines provide services such as DNS, SNMP, HTTP etc.

Dynamic Resource Allocation using Xen VPS

Should your site prove to be highly popular, or a marketing campaign is anticipated to generate a spike in traffic, then all of our server offerings can be quickly and easily scaled on demand. All that is required is a single reboot and we can add or remove CPUs, RAM and disk storage to a virtual machine to cope with changes in load.

We use the same server set-up for our in house development server to ensure new sites can be deployed, or existing sites updated, without being concerned about hardware/software incompatibilities.