Email Marketing

With the buzz about ‘social’, email is often overlooked, it is still a great way to connect with customers.

Social media is important, and you should use it in your marketing, if that makes sense for your business and your target audience. But you should not put it ahead of email marketing.

Email is a very persoanal medium and the vast majority of business-minded people do not go to Facebook for private one-on-one conversations, they go to Gmail, Outlook or Mail to engage.

Email gives you a single marketing channel to talk to all your customers in the most professional way possible rather than divide your energy between multiple different channels to talk to only some of them in ways that don’t have that professional gloss.

We can help you with all aspects of your email campaign, including cleaning up your existing lists, designing your email message and finally sending out your campaign professionaly so that it meets legal requirements and isn't treated as spam.

Once your campaign has finished we can reports on its performace with statistics for opens, clicks, bounces, unsubcribes and more. We can also add forms to your existing site to allow visitors to sign-up to your email campaigns.