Content Management (CMS)

Manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material using a Content Management System (CMS).

Our Content Management System has been developed using our tried and tested framework which is adapted for each individual client, to build your own bespoke CMS. This means you will get exactly what you need to suit your technical ability and more importantly, your publishing requirements. For example, will you need multi-user authoring, strict version control and archiving, or do you just need to change a news page once a month?

PageManagement is web based so readily available, simple to use, features onscreen help, takes care of encoding text correctly (e.g. converting accented characters so that they display correctly), writes your content out to the site so that it is Standards Compliant and Search Engine Friendly and is modular, so that you can add other areas of your site to the CMS over time.

Because each PageManagement CMS we produce for a client is unique to them and their specific requirements, they will not find themselves searching through a myriad of functions that they will never use to find the one that they need, unlike many off the shelf packages. Likewise, they only pay for the features that they want, be that the ability to browse and upload images, add products to their eStore, or publish job vacancies.

Of course, if you would rather not commit your time and resources to managing content yourself, we are happy to work out an ongoing maintenance program for us to make any changes on your behalf. We even offer a hybrid package so that we can be 'oncall' when you need us. Why not get in touch to discover how our flexible solutions can help.